ASI DS & DE Fellowship (2017 May)

London, United Kingdom


An intensive eight week post-doctoral fellowship enabling scientists to become data scientists and engineers

The fellowship is an eight week intensive training in the fundamentals of data science. Fellows work on mentor-led projects to build a strong data science portfolio to showcase their skills. The content of the fellowship has a modular structure, so fellows and partner companies can customise the experience to their business needs. At the end of the training, fellows will have a solid foundation of skills, techniques and theory of data science, have a network of colleagues and mentors, and be ready to embark on a new career.


  1. If you want to apply, please submit your application by 8pm GMT 10th March 2017. Early submissions have a significant advantage as we have more time to review them.
  2. We will start interviewing candidates either in person at our office or via Skype over the following three weeks
  3. Successful candidates will be notified via email on the 7th Apr 2017.
  4. The course starts on Monday 15th May 2017 and runs through to 7th July 2017. You will need to be able to work in London for the duration of the course. The ASI does not provide accommodation.
  5. The course consists of some formal training and workshops, but the majority of your time will be spent on your project. This will be a piece of data science work for a company. It will be solving a real problem and will be commercially important to them.
  6. During and after the 8 week programme, we introduce you to companies that are looking to hire data scientists and data engineers.
  7. In the final week, we organise an event called Demo Day where all the Fellows will present what they’ve been working on over the 8 weeks. We invite companies and industry experts to this event with a view to hiring.
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