ASI Data Science & Data Engineering Fellowship (May 2019)

London, England, United Kingdom


Since 2014, ASI Data Science has helped more than 200 PhD graduates, post-doctoral researchers and experienced software engineers transition into a career in data science. After two weeks of intensive lectures and workshops at ASI, Fellows are paired with Project Companies for a six-week data science project, during which Fellows are paid the London Living Wage.

The finale of the Fellowship is Demo Day. Fellows have the opportunity to present their hard work to an invited audience of over 200 guests. The evening is a great chance to network with hiring managers and influential individuals from a wide range of businesses from London, the UK and Europe.


You must have the right to work full time in the UK. If this is on a basis of a visa, please provide details of your visa with your application.

In general, successful candidates meet most of the requirements below:

  1. A PhD in a STEM subject.
  2. A high level of mathematical competence.
  3. Programming experience.
  4. The ability to code.
  5. Some experience with theoretical concepts of statistical learning (e.g. hypothesis testing, Bayesian Inference, Regression, SVM, Random Forests, Neural Networks, natural language processing, optimisation).
  6. Experience with some coding libraries frequently used in data science.
  7. The ability to communicate effectively with different audiences.
  8. Experience composing and following a project plan/sticking to self-imposed deadlines/proactively solving your own problems.

--------- TIMELINES ----------


Fellows are paid London Living Wage for four days a week for the duration of their six week project. This means that each Fellow will receive £1958.40 for the total period. The two weeks of training at the beginning of the Fellowship is free of charge for Fellows.

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